03 August

Why is it important to have wide school staff stakeholder buy-in? When changing School Software Systems   Gaining stakeholder buy-in can be a daunting and hard-won task but is essential for the successful implementation and uptake of any new technology for any business.  This is especially the case for schools using educational tech. When current […]

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31 July

How to establish stakeholder buy-in. 5 tips to gaining stakeholder buy-in for any schools changing software systems.   Change is inevitable, especially in the technology space.  New systems are being created, upgraded, reviewed constantly.  Humans are hard-wired to resist change, so when you have decided that change is necessary for your organisation, how do you […]

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04 July
Finance software for schools Many of the leading off-the-shelf finance software can bring advantages for schools including well-written available documentation, a large community of users and ease of use and navigation to name a few. One area that many commercial finance packages can find difficulty with for independent and international schools can arise when dealing [...] Read More